Advanced Cannabis E-Liquid Guide

Advanced Cannabis E-Liquid Guide

I've written two previous guides on how to make cannabis e-liquid from loose leaf on VaporBlog which have received a ton of attention and lots of e-mails. However, I've recently discovered a new method which produces some incredibly potent e-liquid starting out with loose leaf cannabis that I feel the need to share with readers here.

Although this method has produced the strongest cannabis e-juice of any loose leaf method I've used so far, it involves a lot more work than the other guides (but the end result makes it well worth it) and you'll need to follow the steps closely. The process is done in two steps (which is why it works so well); the first step creates a potent cannabis concentrate, and the second step disperses the concentrate into e-liquid (the same kind found in e-cigarettes, but without any nicotine) in the most efficient manner possible.

One of the biggest changes compared to the previous guides is the substitution of tradition e-cigarette juice with EJ Mix. EJ Mix is a special PG mix (less viscous, still food grade) used to transform cannabis concentrates into a liquid form which produces a much better result than with traditional e-liquid bases. This means better vaporization with less atomizer clogging.

Batches require 1-2mL of mix so expect a bottle to last quite some time! Furthermore, you can substitute the loose leaf cannabis with already vaped bud (AVB) or a concentrate (which you can make from AVB!), just skip ahead to the appropriate section in the guide (start at Part One, Step 3 for AVB and Part Two for Concentrates!). Moreover, you can also use the Rosin Technique (see my guide) to make a potent concentrate and then skip ahead to step 2.

How To Make Cannabis E-Liquid

First you'll need to obtain all the necessary ingredients and materials before you start the process. In order to make the advanced e-liquid, you'll require the following items:

  • EJ Mix. EJ Mix is ‘heavier’ PG (PG400 in particular). PG400 does a much better job of suspending psychoactive material compared to standard PG used in most cannabis e-juice recipes.
  • High Proof (190+) Grain Alcohol (something like Everclear will work). You must use at least 190 proof for the extraction to be as efficient as possible.
  • Blunt Tip Sringes . Syringes are essential to the process as they make the liquid transfer steps easier, mess-free, and more efficient.
  • Some dropper bottles
  • Optional: LorAnn Flavoring (the same kind used in e-cigarette liquids) to give your product some taste!
  • Coffee Filters
  • Parchment Paper
  • 2 Mason Jars. Larger jars are better for making and storing higher quantities of liquid. If possible use opaque jars as they prevent light from degrading the THC in your juice.
  • Stove pot (big enough so that you can put one of the mason jars in it almost halfway submerged).
  • A minimum of 3.5 grams of high quality loose leaf bud.

Once you have all the necessary ingredients, you can get started with the actual process. Make sure to choose a well ventilated workspace which vents to the outside (and use only an electric stove with no open flame -no gas!). I take no responsibility for any accidents resulting from inadequate safety measures while following this guide!

Part One

  1. First, grind your loose leaf into fine pieces and place it on a baking trat covered in parchment paper.

    Finely ground Purple Kush ready for decarboxylation!
  2. Next you'll need to decarboxylate your bud (see my ultimate cannabis e-liquid guide if you'd like to know the rationale behind why this step is so important!), so preheat your oven to 100C (220F) and insert your baking tray containing your ground loose leaf for about twenty-five to forty minutes until it turns light brown in color.
  3. Once your bud has been decarboxylated, place it into one of your mason jars and pour in enough high proof alcohol the loose leaf is submerged with 1/2" (1.27cm) of alcohol on top. Then place a lid on your jar and place it in a cool dark place for at least 48 hours (but the longer the better). Each day give the liquid a light shake to mix up the active ingredients and encourage extraction.
  4. After at least 48 hours has passed, remove the jar and prepare your second mason jar as well as 2 syringes and a coffee filter.
  5. Unscrew the blunt tip needles from your two syringes, remove the plunger from one of them and insert half a coffee filter inside. This step increases filtration while minimizing losses which would be absorbed by normal filtration methods.
  6. Take your syringe without the filter, and begin sucking up the liquid from your first mason jar and squirt it into the syringe which contains the filter, then replace the plunger. Squeeze this liquid (which will now be filtered) into your second jar and keep repeating this step until no solution remains in the first jar.
  7. Seal your second jar and put it in your freezer for 48 hours. This step increases purity by allowing any undesirable contents to settle at the bottom of the jar.
  8. Carefully remove the jar from the freezer, and filter it by using the same process outlined in steps 6-7. Then let the mixture warm up to room temperature before you proceed. This step is highly important as heating up cold alcohol can be dangerous!
  9. Take the lid off your jar, place it in your stove pot (hehe), and then fill the pot with enough water to cover almost half the jar to create a bain marie. Turn your stove vent on high and then bring the water to just under a boil and watch closely until all the alcohol boils off. Once this happens you should be left with a dark, thick oil at the bottom of the jar. Using 3.5 grams of potent loose leaf should leave with just under one gram of strong concentrate which you can now turn into an e-liquid using the next part of this guide.

    Already Vaped Cannabis - VaporBlog
    You’ll need to use 3-4x more AVB than loose leaf to make a good quantity of oil. AVB is decarboxylated when you vaporize.

Part Two

  1. Using your pot, fill it again to halfway with water with your mason jar containing the oil inside. I recommend putting a knife or fork at the bottom of one side of the jar so that the liquid will pool to one side (making removing it easier)
  2. Using a new syringe, measure 1mL of EJ mix for every gram of concentrate that you have inside your jar. Feel free to experiment with a little less or little more EJ Mix to alter potency, but this is what worked for me.

    EJ Mix
    The EJ Mix, used in place of traditional ecig liquid.
  3. Again, bring your water to just under a boil, but you won't need a lot of heat for this step (just enough so that the oil gets dissolved into the EJ Mix). It should take about five minutes before the oil is fully dissolved.
  4. Take your syringe and transfer the solution into a dropper bottle for storage. You can also mix in a tiny bit of flavor (be careful as the flavors can be potent) in order to give your liquid a great taste!

Congratulations, you've now made a highly potent cannabis e-liquid! One drop of juice on an atomizer coil (like the BlackoutX) should produce several hits which give you effects of a dab but much less harsh and much more portable. You can use the e-juice in almost any e-cig, and its highly filtered nature will prevent any clogs (I only recommend using a tank system if you plan on making larger quantities of liquid though). I recommend storing the finished product in a cool, dark place away from light as Erowid has this to say on the subject:

Solutions of pure cannabinoids, nine samples of herbal and two of resin cannabis (one freshly prepared) were stored in varying conditions for up to 2 years. Exposure to light (not direct sunlight) was shown to be the greatest single factos in loss of cannabinoids especially in solutions, which should therefore be protected from light during analytical and phytochemical operations. Previous claims that solutions in ethanol were stable have not been substantiated. The effect of temperature, up to 20 degrees, was insignificant but air oxidation did lead to significant losses. These could be reduced if care was taken to minimize damage to the glands which act as "well filled, well closed containers". Loss of tetrahydrocannabinol after exposure to light does not lead to an increase in cannabinol, but air oxidation in the dark does. It is concluded that carefully prepared herbal or resin cannabis or extracts are reasonably stable for 1 to 2 years if stored in the dark at room temperature.

If you have any questions or would like to share some of your own experiences making cannabis e-liquid, don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact me!

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0 thoughts on “Advanced Cannabis E-Liquid Guide

  1. I think rosin or QWET would be better for step one. With Quick Wash Ethanol Tek, just dry and freeze the bud and alcohol, wash it (3min max), filter it, evap at 100F or room temp. I don’t believe you need to purge it for ejmix. Then just scrape and mix. You’ll preserve the terps using this method and rosin too, should take less than a day for 3.5g of bud. Longer extractions just pull more nasty stuff into the alcohol which is why you have to winterize it in your process.

    I suggest you give it a try, since you have rosin I would try that first and skip the decarb for a batch to see how it tastes. Your process works fine but it’s using older methods and extraction tek has been evolving rapidly over the last couple years. You should check out there’s some good guides and intelligent discussion there.

    1. This may be anecdotal, but I do have several friends who enjoy the taste of the the terpenoids which remain from this process (they find it produces a ‘fuller’ taste). However the QWISO method looks pretty interesting as well. I’ve used a similar in method in the past to make concentrates from AVB, the process should be in the guides section if you’re curious about my method.

      Also the EJ Mix isn’t to purge; its used as a base for the e-liquid in place of traditional propylene glycol found in e-cig juices. This is ‘heavier’ PG (PG400 in particular), which does a better job of suspending the psychoactive material (which is more costly compared to bulk nicotine, so you want to be as efficient as possible) compared to the standard PG used. It seems expensive by volume compared with PG, but you will be using so little that it should last you a long time.

      1. Instead of the EJ solution. Couldnt we use a PG/VG mix as the base to thicken it up? I just ordered the material from hour last blog entry on how to make cannibus e-oil lol. Then i wake up amd see u posted this rev on the 20th

        1. I wouldn’t recommend it. My understanding is that concentrates don’t dissolve very well in VG compared to EJMix or even regular PG. In a pinch you can use 100% PG, just keep in mind it may not be as potent and you may need to shake it a few times before use to make sure that the oil hasn’t separated from the mix!

          1. So, if i want more yield out of 3.5 grams, can i simply use 20 ml of ej mix? My previous batch yielded 25 ml out of 5 grams using 45ml of prop and vg at a ratio of 70/30

          2. They don’t. You have to use a ton of heat and you lose some, as the smell shows and the VG seems to discolor under that heat even when not trying to add cannabinoids to it.

            Also i want to let you know that there’s a new CA law about extracts that makes it very difficult to extract legally – it’s all been put together specifically for individuals making at-home butane-extracts, because you take a whole 12oz can of butane and off-gas it really fast producing like 400L of combustible vapor.

            I would suggest good acetone instead of alcohol in your processes. It should cut the amount of time by more than 75% by leaving you with less water to evaporate off your extract (after all, 190 proof is five percent water, and anyone doing home extracts knows five percent water is a LOT of water to wait out or cook out).

            Best. This is great work!

        2. Solubility of the concentrate is leaving you with an uneven ratio being vaped. You dont want it thicker, you want it thinner to keep them from separating easier. If you use and RDA you may get away with using straight VG or PG or a well thought out ratio of the three (VG/PG/Concentrate) but you need to warm up the base liquid before adding the concentrate and warm up the solution before dripping each time you use it (not good for clearomizer tanks). I have held it tight in my hand for a few minutes and shook it up really good and it worked well. You could also make a strong concentrate, thin it using less than average EJ Mix, then compensate with some VG/PG to help the expensive EJ stretch but you have to get the ratio right which will vary from concentrate to concentrate and takes some trial and error.

          I have done all of the above in which I mentioned and all in all its much easier to either do a VG/PG tincture for clearomizers (must be VG/PG, not straight VG when using a clearomizer tank) and deal with the chlorophyll and what not or make a concentrate first and simply use nothing else but EJ Mix.

          1. Ok, what would be the amount of ml per gram of concentrate? What if i only have about 1 gram of concentrate and want to stretch using more than average ej mix. Would 10ml per gram work?

          1. Thats alot of ej mix….when i use concentrates to make e juice its a 1 to 1 ratio….5ml ej mix….5g concentrate…….very potent…everything stays binded…….I also make my own pg mix ….with peg400 300 200…..instead of the ej mix….works just as well

        3. U can but it can waste a lot of the cannabis product you use cause the PEG300/400 is what is used to bind the cannabinoid to the eJuice

    2. Frack, I just made 30 grams with about 1/4 of a 5th and been soaking it 4 days. Only because I forgot where I put it So, in the freezer now but yeah, I read that from FC awhile back too. I was already hip to the permanent coffee filters. No loss to absorption. Unless your doing an extra filter after, which is almost pointless for me. It’s all top shelf in there and about 6 dif kinds. I bet I get 1/2 oz of thick oil. Which is as far as I go. Until I get a tank from one of my suppliers. But yeah, that’s some green juice in there.
      Maybe I’ll post some pics l8r.

      1. Rosin has made it impossible for me to touch even the best/lowest ppm on the market. Also cured my asthma. I pray to God everyone makes more and Bho becomes a thing of the past

        1. good for you brother! rosin is where it is at and ppl dont understand that……you extract with out any solvents……what is bad about that? lol a Nug of weed has trics and when you do bho or co2 it extracts them but then contaminates them with bho or c02……ppl rather smoke 20 dollars cheaper product and die faster than to smoke cleaner and healthier……ill stick to rosin and my blunts every so often but rosin legit i tried a bad ass brand of rosin vapes ……i wont say who but those things are the closeest to a dab i have had comared to heavy hitters or brass knuckle vapes which taste like chemicals lol!!! people who smoke e cig before like those chemical tasting buds but someone who has never smoked a cig or tobacco e cig doesnt want to taaste that awful shit but to each his own but i believe ppl should understand why options are better than the everyday thing…..keep it moving!!!!!!!!!

    3. I used 98% iso and qwet, freeze bud and iso over night, add just enough 98iso to cover bud. shake for 3 min. filter with coffee filter.
      lime green liquid.
      add your pg…. boil out the iso, takes a while, youll know, you can actually taste a dap untill you cant taste or smell any iso. keep stirring while boiling!!!!!!.. syring it up and bottle.
      i used 3g kush for 1.5 ml

  2. Great guide, I’m gonna bookmark your site! I’ve ordered the supplies and will be working on my own e-liquid soon. This seems method seems like it produces the ultimate in stealth vaping!!

  3. Just got my first vape pen and really love the convenience of on the go discreet smoking. I will be buying the materials to make my own soon as it seems pretty straight forward. Just one question. When placing the jar inside the stove pot is it elevated from bottom or directly on the bottom of the pot?

    1. Extracts do GREAT to get you stoned. Much more efficient if you’ve done a good job moving the active ingredients from the plant mass to the liquid. That’s what it’s all about.

  4. Ok so the process is very straight forward but I have just a few questions to ask, anyone who has completed the process may feel free to give an answer,
    1. Using 3.5 grams of bud yields almost one gram of substance, approximately how many Ml is this.
    2. If I were to use 7 grams of bud would this yield almost 2 grams of concentrate? Or would this yield more?
    3. On average how long does the alcohol take to boil out?
    4. From using 3.5 grams of bud, how many final ml of product would be yielded?

    1. If you check out bloomsday (the company that produces the EJMix you will find out that the liquid collected from the concentrate is about 1.5 ml to 2 ml for 1 ml of EJMix.
      Meaning you’ll get about 2 ml for each gram of concentrate you dilute but don’t forget that this stuff is around 150 mg of THC/ml
      If that’s any help
      I am waiting for the liquid also and plan on stretching it with my own PG-VG

  5. Hi, I’m in the UK where Everclear is prohibited. Is there an alternative you could suggest? The highest alcohol content I’ve found is a 84.5% rum, but I fear that’s not strong enough..

        1. That’s the way to go. I do it every time. I actually let it naturally evaporate. I wool however leave it on the back burner when the oven is on since out gets warm. Does it up a bit. Not comfortable applying heat to 99% alcohol in my apartment!

      1. The best Everclear replacement I have found is Culinary Solvent. They ship 190 proof grain alcohol to me through FedEx. It’s designed specifically for botanical extractions.

    1. Look into this more with your government. Here in Ontario Canada you can’t buy higher abv than about 60% or so for consumption. But you can get permission fairly easily to buy a 96% ABV neutral grain spirit. Basically pure grain alcohol. You have to give the reason of personal therapeutic use for tinctures but then you can buy it.

      Likely something is similar in the UK

    1. You don’t boil it technically. You speed up the evaporation process of the ISO using by the water bath technique, Google Bain Marie. The water bath method takes around 30-40 minute to evaporate 125ml of ISO solution. Only use an electric hotplate and make sure the area is very well ventilated. Preferably do the whole operation outside.

  6. So I am extremely new to this and just checking it out. I have not attempted any of this. I just got the V2 pro-series 3 and was curious since I can interchange the cartridges (pretty sweet). So my question is: When you use AVB to create your E-liquid does it end up being less potent than if you used fresh? And if so, is it known how much less potent it is? The idea of vaping and then using it again sounds awesome and very cost convenient. I just want to make sure that it is worth it.

    1. AVB would require a larger quantity or else it will be less potent. The above guide recommends 3x to 4x as much if using AVB.

    2. I suppose your oil will NOT be less potent but you will need more herbs to collect as much.
      My assumption is based on the fact that the potency of the herbs on the market ranges from 3% all the way to 25% (very rare tho) but on average let’s say more like 4 to 5% of THC concentration but decarboxylation WILL bring up the potency to close to 30% if you heat it for 45 minutes.
      My guess is that the residue from the AVB might range from 1% to maybe 15% at most depending… so let’s make it 5% to be safe, you can expect to be needing maybe a good 1/4 once to get 1gr of oil back. So begin recuperating that stuff right away and you’re set.

  7. I’ll be using an RDA mod. Dark horse to be specific. VG burns a lot better than pg on a dripper. Can I mix VG with ej mix or is that a bad idea?

  8. On step 3 of part 1, it says “the longer the better.” Is there a time that is too long? Say like 2 weeks or so?

    1. I’ve let mine soak for five days now and am considering letting it go for two weeks. A friend who makes all kinds of tinctures says that a month is perfect, which I don’t think I’m patient enough for, but the old school approach was to start a batch under a new moon and bottle it under the new moon, which is a two week period. How long are you guys doing it?

      1. I tried using the above approach for concentrates a few weeks ago, and found myself unhappy with all of the chlorophyll that is extracted with the extended soak.

        I agree with an above commenter who mentioned using a QWET (Quick Wash Ethanol Tek) method:
        1. Freeze everything involved (alcohol, jars of decarbed buds/trim, strainer, etc) for at least 12 hours.
        2. Once sufficiently frozen, submerge the bud in the alcohol, pack the jar in a cooler filled with ice and shake it for 3 minutes.
        3. Strain it as quickly as possible. Freeze it. Freeze the already strained buds as well. Wait a few hours and repeat the 3 minute soak/strain on them one or two more times.
        4. Once you’ve done 2-3 soaks, freeze the alcohol/oil for 48 hours, then strain again, this time using the syringe/coffee filter method described above.
        5. Allow the alcohol/oil to return to room temperature by itself, then boil off the alcohol as described above (well ventilated, fans, no flames, electric stoves only). Should take a few hours to burn off if you’re using a double boiler method.
        6. Then just mix in EJMix to your preference, heat it, etc, as described above.

        Using this method, the chlorophyll is trapped with the frozen water within the plant material and doesn’t get extracted with the thc and other terps. End result is a bit nicer.

  9. Has anyone tried this with a quick nitrous oxide infusion instead of the 48 hour soak in alcohol? It could possibly shave 2 days off the process and you wouldn’t have to decarb in the oven.

    Load a few grams into an iSi whipped cream dispenser with enough alcohol to cover it. Charge the canister with 2 nitrous charges. Let it sit while you boil some water in a double boiler. De pressurize the canister and let all the gas out. Replace the lid and simmer for an hour to decarb, then continue to the step where you boil off the alcohol. I haven’t made vape juice this way but I’ve infused spirits for super potent cocktails. You also don’t have to break up the herb as much which results in less sediment to filter.

    1. The whipped cream dispenser part is only for extracting the weed aroma/taste into the alcohol. Good for making weed infused drinks but I think it would be pointless for concentrates, since you boil all the alcohol off in the end.

  10. Okay, so I am trying to get this straight. How many ml of concentrate and how many ml of EJ? From the comment above you say 2ml concentrate and 1ml of EJ?

      1. Hi E.j. can you share your mix of PEG 400, 300, 200? It could give me a head start to creating my own mix. Everybody seems to be so secretly about it. EJMix is a brand apparently, but everybody can mix his/her own combination. Especially when it is shared, which makes it easier.

  11. I’m sorry if you already covered this but what is the reason for cooking the weed in the oven first? Does it need to be hot when you throw it in a mason jar filled with alcohol? If the weed is AVB do you still need to cook it? I’d like to avoid having all of my neighbors smelling my medicine!

    1. Decarbing (cooking it first) is to convert the thc into thca, or vice versa. That makes it active. That usually happens automatically when you light it on fire (ie, smoke it). Google has lots more accurate info on it.

      But from what I’ve been reading, I don’t think it’s necessary to decarb first for this. Especially since you are heating the oil to burn off the alcohol anyway, which would be decarbing further at that point too… decarbing too much isn’t good. You’re probably best off letting the alcohol evaporate at room temp with a fan blowing on it for a day or so, and then doing a more controlled decarb at ~212 degrees (boil it in the jar, in a pot of water for 30 minutes or so) as a final step before adding the ejmix.

      The last batch I made, I decided not to decarb first. Best batch yet.

      1. Very good info you have provided in your comments to supplement the op. Thanks to you both!

        PS What do you shsrpr use for your “alcohol” ?

  12. I just finished Part one of the steps and must say that the oil, which I thought about just keeping as-is for vaping, tastes really clorophyll-y and almost burnt. I did let the plant material sit in the Everclear for 10 days, so maybe I overdid that step, but this has opened my eyes to the Quick Wash method and the idea of not letting the bud sit in the alcohol too long for fear of getting too many unwanted impurities in it. Well, I’m starting to think there’s something to that and think this particular recipe might work better as a tincture. I am going to buy the EJMix and some flavoring, in hopes that the flavor will improve and make this tolerable, because it currently tastes terrible. Yes, I know that there’s another section of work I need to do, but I was hoping I could just stop at the oil because I wasn’t sure I wanted to vape PG.

    1. You should try doing a water cure with your ABV before adding to the alcohol.

      Put it in an organic coffee filter, and seal with an eleastic band or something. Put in a jar, add distilled water. Change the water every 24 hours, until it is clear.

      Remove the coffee filter full of your abv, squeeze out extra water, and leave to dry, wither by air or low setting on your cooker, checking every few minutes.

      I personally did this to make a tinature, which was pretty damn strong, and did not taste or smell of cannabis at all. I plan to do it again, then follow the steps above to make it into an e-cig juice, which should be flavour and odourless.

      I highly recommend doing a water cure, it will get rid of the horrible taste, then maybe a drop or two of a strong flavoured nicotine free juice to add a bit of taste.

      1. When I say my tincture didn’t smell or taste of cannabis, I actually mean it didn’t taste absolutely horrible, like tincture made with un-water cured ABV. Water curing removes all the impurities, and you’re basically just left with the good stuff. You might end up losing a small amount of cannabinoids in the process, but it’s definitely worth it to solve that taste.

        ABV needs to be water-cured for anything besides cooking or re-vaping.

  13. I´ll try ist with 4 different ratios. 1:3, 1:5, 1:10 (German Weed : PG/VG Mix)

    The winner is: 1:3 with the Ego ONE 0,5 Ohm SubohmVaporizer…. Germany says THX

  14. In my country there’s no shop which imports neither EJmix nor Vapeur Extract, could you please tell me how to make it on my own, or some kind of substitute for that? What does the number 400 mean on PG400 and is it possible to mix it using regular PG bases?

    1. Yeah same problem here, living in the EU, i can’t find the EJ juice or PEG400 or something locally. i could have it shipped from the US but that is silly expensive for a bottle, like 30 dollars extra. Seems like i have to try normal base juice, pg/vg 70/30 or 50/50. i guess most of the good stuff eventualy gets to the coil anyway, maybe you have to shake it a bit more often…

  15. I have maroccan hash oil, very dark almost black tar like and very potent.
    Problem is I can not get it to desolve in any liquids used for dyi e juice making.
    I have tried many pg/vg combinations with no success. After cooling, liquid will always separate from oil. Any suggestions.

    1. Get some ejmix from Amazon which is specifically for waxy/tar like concentrates. Guaranteed not to separate. I don’t do concentrates so I haven’t tried this but I know people have done it successfully with hash oil, rosin and other concentrate forms.

      1. Can you use this whole method with hash? Like “block” “resin” I don’t know what you call it but I call it block. I only like smoking block as I find the results better. If I crushed it into a powder and used this method would it extract it well? If you know of a method could you send me a link or explain it? Thanks in advance.

  16. I made some cannabis e-juice that should be super strong, but I am not feeling it. All I can think of was I messed up the decarb. I did 300f for about 1/2 hour until it smelled like I was brewing butter. I steeped it in a sealed mason jar with 70/30 pg/vg at a rolling boil for 2 1/2 hours. It was a very dark green. I used 150 grams of premium trim for 1500ml of juice. When I didn’t a buzz, I resteeped 1/2 the juice with another 150 grams for a couple of hours then remixed it all to 1500ml.
    Too late for long story short, but what’s up with this? It’s not the weed. I use it for butter (28% THC) and hard candies (1.7 %THC per candy). To me it sounds like through a couple simmerings it must have reached a decarb temperature. And what about when it is being cooked in the atomizer; what temperature does that reach? Bottom line is how do I tripped this? Can I do it in its current state or did I pooch the batch? It’d such to toss 300 grams of good trim away.
    (I also sent some to a few serious medicinal users who will see if it has any positive benefits other than the buzz factor. I hope to hear from them soon. With a couple drops of flavouring it is really quite nice and does not smell of cannabis.)

    1. Seems like you forgot the part with the alcohol to make the concentrate first and then use PEG400? The psychoactive materials won’t dissolve good in regular pg/vg.

    2. You decarbed @ 300°F for 30 minutes? THC vaporizers at 246.2! I think you need to keep the oven below 240 or you completely destroy the bud.

  17. hey guys, I’m in the UK and finding it difficult to source grain alcohol without paying ridiculous amounts. Can someone give instructions on how to do the first steps with 90% ISO instead? I have that in my house all the time due to grinder cleanings. Thanks.

  18. Hey I’ve got a question about the alcohol. I live in Ontario where Everclear and Alcool and such are not sold here. The strongest I can get is about a 150 proof vodka. Will this work? Or am I better to get ISO alcohol and use that instead?

    Also, when it comes to busting up the bud, I usually use a coffee grinder to do so. What I am wondering is if this would be too fine and better to use a hand buster or not? Or is the finer better?

    Really looking forward to doing this.

    1. If you line in Canada near Buffalo, buy the everclear in Buffalo and a bottle of vodka. Dump or drink the vodka and fill the vodka bottle with everclear before crossing the border, it smells the same.

  19. Hello,

    Thank you very much for this article. I’m using your guide to heal my chronic disease without smoking tobacco, and to make my doses smaller than using real pot. Also, it saves me from falling again into my old addictions.

    But I’d like to enhance your technique by making it legal in my country (France), so I will use synthetic cannabinoïds (5F-AKB48 + AB-FUBICANA, which are – combined – really similar to real cannabis in its healing effects).

    Can I skip the distillation part of your guide ? (everclear is illegal in France)

    Or should I really find some high proof alcohol (90% modified alcohol will work ??) and turn it into oil before trying to mix it with EJ ? I don’t know if it will easily mix if I don’t do so (read some posts indicating it’s not)…

    Please, enlight me, I’m making it for health reasons ! 😉

    Thank you again

    1. Yep I’ve done it , several times, it’s a solid recapie the only thing I have changed is used licks instead of ej mix and cut it at 2.5ml licks to 1ml oil and it’s Bangen. 4 tokes through a sub omm tank and its on

  20. This isnt a DIY ejuice post, your other 2 were, yes this makes a stronger product, but it could be very well because of what your vaping, OIL, and then suggesting we use a Blend with a store bought concentrates. yes this might be a good way to do it, but there hasn’t been testing on PG or VG long term effects let alone PE400…….VG/80 proof vodka?distilled water from lower proof vodka/ AVB or decarbalized weed, gee with household ingredients i just Made a perfect VG Mix with weed,

    1. glycerine destroys PG and we need to stop taking the easy way out, because it’s shitty, most vape pens give little vape, do you see people, on internet vaping weed like they would with nicotine? no because simple put no one has been able to make Glycerine strong enough to impress anyone, since PG transfers oil so well, basically if you put any thing in it, like hash, or weed, it takes the oil, really quickly, so your smoking oil,also some people are alergic to PG, wanna pass that pen to a friend? they could get sick or die… to help VG absorb more of the thc and mix, i added a bit of distlled water before a steep, and instantly, it mixed great, i drain the weed and glycerin after a cook or cold steep and what comes out? perfectly mixed glycerin, i double double boil it and what leaves the mixture? the water and it’s back to glycerine thats perfectly mixed and much closer to to’s 99.7% thats when i just started mixing 100 proof vodka and already vaped and filling the bottle it’s in to a 50/50 ratio glycerine/ 100 proof vodka. water and just glycerine are need to actually extract with glycerine…

      1. Hello everyone,
        I’ve been doing some “online research” (online reading) and it seems VG is healthier than PG… Does any one knw a good recipe for making thc e juice with VG?

        1. Vg isnt healthier then pg. Vg produces acrolein a chemical weapon specificly tear gas when heated in small amounts when vaped. Thats why e-jujce irritates your throat and makes you cought when you take too big a puff. Pg is used in hospitals to deliver life saving asma medication to people having sever asma attacks that are otherwise lethal. Lots of info on short term use of pg as a carrier for drugs to be inhaled in medical research. As far as acrolein is concerned with vg. Im a chemist and came across that bit of info reading a book written by adolf hitler chemical weapons program manager/boss wich tells you how to synthesize about 30-40 chemical warfare agents.

  21. Hi,
    I was wondering if we can vape this solution with any e-cigarette tank and mod combination. I use a provari mini in combination with a nautilus tank. These use a 510 atomizer connection.

  22. Hello, I live in Argentina, I cannot seem to find the EJ Mix, is there a more technical name or something, so I can find it here? Amazon doesn’t send to my shitty country 🙁

  23. Okay, embarrassing story. In trying to evaporate the alcohol, let’s just say my mason jar met the boiling water at an unfortunate angle. .. they’ve since become inseparable . :'(

    Did I ruin the batch, or can I simply wait for it all to evaporate?

  24. Hi…can you use skunky leaf trim instead of buds….can you simply add an e juice pre made mix instead of pg/vg and follow thru process of heating..thanks

  25. Hi I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome recipe. It worked great! I only left the bud in the alcohol for 24 hours and it was fine.
    I fired up using a t3s atomiser, by taking it apart and putting a drop Of oil straight onto the wick/coil before reassembling and vaping. I used a 1:3 ratio of ej mix and it was very sticky and potent.

    1. If you use 150 proof (75% alcohol), after evap you will be left with the non alcoholic liquid from the rum/vodka ie 25% of the liquid you used (strongly diluting your thc liquid). try getting some Iso or if worst comes to worst use butane but be careful!!

    1. Try MCT oil. I use that. No glycol and can be taken orally. It’s a coconut oil extract and has high bioavailability.

  26. Hi,
    I am making some vape and oil for my mom who has health issues. I made a mistake by not decarboxylating first. So now I have some PG tincture that has been sitting for a month that I wanted to make into a vape juice and also a jar of alcohol tincture that I wanted to make oil from to experiment and see which version gives her the best result. My question is: can I decarboxylate now that I already have a tincture/oil and how would I go about it?

  27. Tried this with ISO (99.7%) and trim instead of actual bud.
    12 grams of trim netted me about a gram, maybe 1.5 gram of extract – by the looks of it.
    Don’t know for sure as it was in my mason jar the whole time, which is heavier than what my scale allows, and getting it out would’ve meant losing some. Could’ve been more but definitely not less.
    Anyway, I ‘decarbed’ the trim – which is something I’m considering to skip next time, as the bain marie and the vaping itself will make the THC-A reach sufficiently high temperatures to decarb. Threw it in the jar, drowned it in ISO. 2 days in the pantry/fridge/freezer (as I was reading up on the subject I moved the jar after every shake to a ‘better’ location.), then separating plant from liquid. I did not filter it though, as I did not have any coffee filters or similar at hand and local stores don’t sell it. This step is really only done to minimize the risk of atomizers clogging up. I build my own coils so meh.
    Back into the freezer for 36 hours, out of the freezer for another 12, started cooking the alcohol off and was left with a thick, green/black almost solid goo. Smearing this on a Rizla and smoking it with some tobacco swept me off my feet, more so than smoking the actual trim (which I didn’t mix with tobacco).
    Let it cool down, kept it dark while waiting for the EJ mix to arrive. Once it did, put the jar into a stove pot again, heated it up, but with little heat. and added EJ mix and flavouring.
    Not entirely sure of the ratio I used, I think I used about 5 ml of EJ and another 2-3 of flavouring. netted me just a little more than 10 ml in end product.
    Which does produce a certain effect but nothing too strong. Probably because it’s been thinned out too much. So assuming my ratio was about 1 ml concentrate:4ml of EJ/flavouring mix was just a tad too much. Possibly with actual high quality bud, this is different. But trimmings are cheaper 😀

  28. Hi there,

    I like in Ontario and there is no way for me to get a bottle of Everclear. I’ve tried looking for Alcool but that too is restricted. Is there anything I can use as a substitute? The most I’ve found is a 91% ISO at a pharmacy. I don’t live anywhere close to the border so bringing it over from the US is a no go.

    If I do use the 91% ISO will I end up with a potent outcome? Do I need to alter any of the instructions above? Maybe let it sit a week instead of the minimum 48 hours?

    Thanks in advance for any replies!


  29. Hello All,

    I have been looking into this for some time, and i have one question.

    It states explicitly not to use isopropyl alcohol, can someone explain the reason not to use the ISO? In the uk it seems to be difficult to get anything close to everclear, i think most chemists are reluctant to sell this any more. It would seem that stage one is simply making and ISO extraction of the decarboxylated matter. Im aware of the need to purge the ISO from the concentrate, and this can be difficult without a vacuum chamber, however, cant the results be achieved with a little time and small amount of heat?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. As an actual distiller from the North, I need to point out that distilling doesn’t work that way. The comments are hillarious though… —> The OP’s logic that what he created was “everclear”: After I used this process, I had someone of legal drinking age try a drop or two, and they claimed it was stronger than anything they have ever tried (keep in mind that this adult goes to a lot of parties and has probably tried everclear) and said “congratulations, you just made everclear”. So even if its not at 97.5%, then it’s pretty damn close”

        Any one looking for the real deal, check out . Food safe 190 proof grain alcohol that’s designed for making ecig and vape juice concentrates.


  30. I’m using a crock pot for the watet bath step, i had about half and pint of liquid, now i’m down to almost nothing. Assuming i should go ahead and take it off the heat? How do you know when all the everclear is cooked off?

    1. So i just took it down until i didn’t smell everclear anymore, scraped it with the little bit of oil and added the vapuer extract(4ml.) I still taste the everclear ever so slightly. Is that normal? A big thank you because it is very strong and stealthy! I used 30g of avp, and althogether ended up with 5ml probably of finished product. Thanks again!

  31. so no go on a gas stove? thats all i have and i am using ever clear alcohol, is there any one out there that can help a woman out? this is my first time, would i set my house on fire if i use my gas stove to boil down the alcohol? but i do have a slow cooker and a roaster how would i go about using those?

    1. Use the slow cooker outside, far away from anything important that could catch fire if a fire was to break out.

      If you have the time, you can wait 3-4 days for the alcohol to naturally evaporate off. Use something like a cookie sheet or pie plate, the greater the surface area the faster the natural evaporation. No heat = safer and keeps more of the important terpenes and flavors around.

      And the next time you need to source some 190 proof grain, check us out at CulinarySolvent, you can order online and we ship fedex.


  32. Is it possible to skip the freezer step and still get a good quality final product? This is my first extraction so naturally I’m impatient and excited to try it as soon as possible, thanks

  33. Great! I got a good e-liquid, good taste, good high! (I only do it with wine marc as alcohol, standard PG, and evaporated slowly over the house heating) 🙂

  34. Dont know if this has been answered, been too lazy to look.
    But once this is done, can you repeat from a certain step reusing the plant to make more (even if its not as strong)?

    I was thinking making one strong one with the next bit of kush i can get. Then reuse it a couple times, get as much as i can out of it, then put all the finished product into one before splitting it up into like 15-30ml bottles.

    Wish i could make some right now but only have half a joint. lol

    1. Let the material dry, check with a scope or jeweler’s loop and see if there are trichromes left on the material. If there is it can be extracted again. Probably won’t be very potent so I’d make it into a tincture or some type of edible

  35. Well, thank you for this recipe.

    I just bought an eighth of very potent buds in Oregon. It says 22% THC, I dunno if this is a lot but I believe it is.

    What I did (cause I am from Europe and am not supposed to bring any weed in) is chop the buds as fine as could do, add about 30 mls of PG (the ordinary stuff) and let it sit for 5 days, occasionally shaken not stirred. No decarboxylating or what it’s called.

    The night before I had to go home, I strained the solution with a cheesecloth (I used a hotel pillowcase which I washed afterwards.).

    The resulting juice is fairly viscous, much thicker than PG. I got about 25 ml from 3,4 g of buds. And it works nicely. It takes me four [email protected] to feel pretty well. Tastes like a reefer but without the burny parts.

    1. I’m not sure it would completely decarb with the final heat. It’s quite possible the heating during evaporation of the alcohol would complete the decarb alone, but I’m not positive. That’s why I decarb my material and run it into BHO. Butane doesn’t pick up the chlorophyll in the extraction process and makes for better taste.

  36. Hi everyone, there is hard for me to get EJMIX in my country, I google it and find it is a blend of propylene glycol and PEG400, PEG300, and PEG200, what I want to do is buying those kinds of PEGs and mix it into a EJMiX-alike, so, can anyone please suggest me the ratio of PEGs to make in this mix?

    1. Try MCT oil.. It works great. Contains no glycol and can be taken orally if you don’t feel like vaping. Check my comment below.

    1. Yes, its a great way to increase your yield. I only vape these days, so the trim is an awesome bonus for growing your own herb.

  37. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
    Can you, or someone elaborate more on the coffee filter please?

    Are you using a coffee filter for a syringe, or are you using coffee filter paper, torn and inside the 2nd syringe, or torn and between the syringe and the blunt needle

  38. Please!!! You have a seriously dangerous flaw in your procedure! You *cannot* vent alcohol fumes with a standard stove vent. Those motors are not explosion proof and are sparking away. If the correct triangle of oxygen, fuel and ignition should happen, you will have, at minimum, a serious fire and/or explosion. Death or serious injury may result, and there is no more horrible way to die than from burns. Please do everything outside or in an out-building with openings at both ends. Always wear cotton – no synthetic materials. And wear safety goggles. Don’t become a poster child for the prohibitionists.

  39. I just dropped my jar in the pot of water. Almost all of the alcohol was gone. I literally did the ugly cry for about 20 minutes. Water got into the jar. Can I boil off the water and get the same result or is it just ruined?

    1. You can evaporate the water away (had the same happen to me with the same ugly cry).

      It will take a while, and but the resulting extract is still usable.

  40. I have a question, I hope hasn’t been asked yet. Can I use a store bought e-Liquid?

    Like, premixed with flavoring and no nicotine? I have tons of the stuff at home.

  41. Nice post. Haven’t read all the comments as I do not have the time at the moment. I spent a long time and several failed experiments before I was able to create my recipe. I’ve always used hash and an everclear extraction to get my concentrate when making juice. Had tried several times using store bought e liquid without success. Made a trip out to Colorado and bought some, reverse engineered it and came up with a successful recipe. I’m not a fan of using the liquid including glycol so I use MCT oil. MCT oil is an extract of coconut oil that does not solidify at room temperature and has a high bioavailability. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are metabolized quickly and the effect is rapid. Using the MCT oil makes it work as a e juice, but can also be taken orally in a couple of drops straight on the tongue or even added to a drink. As far as the cannabis extract added I no longer use the everclear method. Alcohol is a polar solvent and picks up unwanted portions of the cannabis such as chlorophyll (why it comes out dark green). This effects the taste negatively. I now use dewaxed bho and love it. I’ll run bho, collect it into a small jar, add some everclear, put it in the freezer overnight, filter it through a coffee filter into another small jar, add my MCT oil and evaporate the alcohol off. Adding the oil before evaporating the alcohol requires no mixing. I do like to put the lid of the jar in the bottom of my water pan to avoid direct heat transfer to the jar and avoid hot spots. I also only bring my water to a light boil as I do not want to degrade and of the THC. Again, good post. Thanks for sharing.

    1. What is BHO? Your method doesn’t seem as long. You still seem to use everclear, how much exactly? I was making it with a 70/30 PG/VG mix but I’m going to try the MCT oil. I make some nice vape but it is not potent. Just realized that I need to do the everclear method to extract THC. I was worried about taste but tired of wasting bud on e liquid that isn’t potent so wanting to try other methods.

  42. i just have a simple question but it may seem dumb, how much do you get from 1 gram of concentrate, like how much ejuice

  43. Just to all of those concerned about using gas cook tops, or those who want an easy way to evap the alcohol/decarboxylate all in one step.

    Go to amazon or similar, and purchase a Magnetic stirrer, and hotplate combo. Purchase a beaker, and a Cross Spinplus Stirrer Bar.

    Set your hotplate to ~200F or 100C, and set your non-decarboxylate mixture from step 8 into your beaker of appropriate size. Turn on and let evap to your desired level. Be sure that there are no sparks, or anything that could cause combustion of your evaporated alcohol.

    In theory if you make a large enough mixture you could just put your EJmix right into the beaker at your desired level, and turn the heat off, then you don’t have to mix it in the end.


    Another thought is use just the magnetic stirrer and set the mixture out in the hot summer sun, safer, save a few bucks and go green right!


  44. Hey I just wanted to buy everything I need but I’ve got one Problem, I don’t know where I can get Everclear in Germany. Does anybody knows where I can get it or what else I could use?

  45. Thanks for the guide, Im in UK and therefore difficult to find the grain alcohol, I have plenty of time so am considering using butane. If I do this, and leave the butane to evaporate at room temp, will this be sufficient, will all the butane evaporate off at room temp and do you know roughly how long I would have to leave it for this to happen?? or alternatively, is there anyone from here in UK who has found an alternative source of the alcohol required, that I could source it online. Also there are some posts about how it is not advisable to use the ISO alcohol, is this the case can it not used (as I think it is possible to source this from ebay here in UK), Thanks in advance for help anyone can provide Im looking forward to trying this out

  46. I’ve found someone on AlphaBay who sells Cannabis E-Liquid, posting UK – UK, £42 for 10ml with next day delivery if ordered before 5pm.

    It comes in a standard eJuice bottle with fake label etc, so I think it’s pretty safe – I do also order some CBD vape from Amazon at the same time as a decoy just to be sure…

    The stuff he sells is quite thick & dark, and although not as strong as a smoking a spliff, it does get you where you want to be eventually…!

    If I were to make the juice myself using the above instructions, would the cost be comparable? i.e. 10 ml of eJuice from a Q of bud (7g – which would also cost around £40 in the UK)

    I find using eJuice MUCH better than using a Vape pen with the herbs in (I had the G-Pen from Nameste Vapes), although it appears on this blog that may not be the case? For me, the simple fact the herbs were still lying around would mean I normally ended up smoking them to get the full hit – since I found the eJuice I haven’t smoked (a spliff) in 2 months 😀

    I use a 30w battery with an standard Aspire tank – using 1.8ohm coils, but after reading this blog I’ve now realised this may not be the best equipment – I’m constantly having to change my coils so maybe others with bigger holes in the coils are better?

    I’ve been advised by a guy in a Vape shop not to use Sub-ohm devices with Weed ejuice – simply from of a cost point of view (Sub-Ohm uses the juice v.quickly), and I tend to agree as it manages to do the job with 1.8 ohm TBH.

    Very happy I’ve found this blog, the most informative on the subject I’ve found to date, and any advice / tips would be much appreciated!

  47. I’m really finding it almost impossible to find a seller online for everclear or something similar.

    Will Isopropyl Alcohol 91% work.

  48. I want to make my own EJ Mix.
    EJ-Mix contains PEG400, PG, and VG.
    Do you know the exact percentage of each ingredient?

    Maybe there is a better mix. What proportions would you suggest?

  49. I was wondering….would it be possible to use the concentrate formed here in a manner more akin to nicotine in traditional e liquid…This method seems like it would work well with a dripper but lets say i wanted to medicate but still enjoy full use of the vaporizer as an all day thing as this method seems like it would be overly potent for that scenario…I’m basically wondering what kind of concentration could i use for a more cloudy flavorful vape that sets in gradually (something like a 6mg nic e liquid)

  50. Can this method be applied to other legal herbs like damiana or rhodiola rosea to make them more potent? With such herbs, would they also require the initial baking?

  51. After the alchohol reduction, says there will be aprox 1 gram concentrate. How much is 1 liquid gram covverted to ml, I am guessin very little. So then you put in aprox 1 ml ej mix? Just seems like a very little amount of finished product.

  52. A couple of questions. I was looking at the different mixes. I found ejmix,puff majic and vapeur extract. Is one better than the others? Also, when I make the vape juice does it produce the same type of high as the flower you are using(seems like it should). And, how much finished product should I expect using 15grams of flower?


  53. Would you say that doubling the loose leaf would result in higher yield or just more potent end-product (or both)? Some of the comments suggest that the freezer part of the process can be omitted; what would be the expected difference in the outcome?

  54. Well I tried but I cannot get the oil to dissolve in the glycol – it just makes clumps and sticks to everything but it wont dissolve at all.

  55. HI,

    Why the need for the syringes? Can’t you just pour the 1st mason jars contents through a coffee filter directly into the 2nd mason jar?

  56. Hey There so couple of questions

    I’m having trouble getting hold of everclear (tough to find in India)

    Any chances I can use ISO to do this?

    Secondly, can this process be modified to use hash(bubble has – himalayan hash)

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