The VorteX Grinder
The VorteX Grinder

August 2014 Update:

As of this time, I do not currently reccomend purchasing a VorteX grinder as they currently have issues with the handle breaking (especially when used to grind fresh bud). Mine broke a little while ago, and I’ve had a few e-mails from readers complaining about the same thing happening to them. If you’re looking for a high performance grinder, I recommend taking a look at the Space Case instead (my review is here!).

A TonrotoVaporizer exclusive, the Zeus VorteX is a 4-piece grinder manufactured with high-grade anodized aluminum and has a crank in order to grind your herb up for maximum efficiency while vaporizing. Zeus grinders are said to be developed specifically in order to grind herb for vaporizers, but it can also be used for smoking and for grinding to make edibles.

The VorteX is quite large, and although it can fit in a pocket it can be a little big to carry around for everyday use. As a test run, I initially grinded about 7g of dry herb (putting in about 3g at a time), and the end result was finely ground . With the crank and 6 sets metal teeth (with 3 teeth per set), the VorteX had no problem finely grinding dry herb. However, when I tested it with fairly sticky bud, I had issues turning the crank (be careful because if you apply too much force you can break the knob on top). The herb chamber was quite spacious, and I feel that it can comfortably hold about 4g of herb inside for whenever you need it. When the grinder is sealed tightly, very little smell leaks from it. However, if you open it you will notice a strong weed smell, so be careful where you open it if you have a lot of bud inside! The VorteX also comes with a large pollen catcher, and the screen allows your kief to fall through to be easily collected later. With good bud with lots of trichromes, you can build up a large collection of kief in only a short while.

Grinder 4 pieces
The 4 pieces. Note the sharp teeth on the grinder.

Overall, the Zeus VorteX is a decent grinder, but only for relatively dry bud (stickier stuff risks breaking the crank). I usually leave my VorteX at home, and only use it for dried buds. My favorite part about the grinder was the handle in order to grind herb. I find that it provides more grinding power. The grinder teeth are also quite sharp, and should last long.

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  1. The trick to grinding really sticky herbs is to fold down the crank handle and then push on the end of the handle with your thumb. This takes the pressure off the folding joint so the knob wont break off.


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