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Made in the USA, The Space Case 4 Piece Grinder is a durable grinder manufactured with aerospace grade aluminum, and comes with a highly durable titanium coating.

Although the Space Case Grinder looks quite similar to the Chromium Crusher, it is made out of a single block of aluminum and all of the pieces fit tightly together, making it easy to use.

Space Case 4 Piece Grinder

When I first used my Space Case, I noticed that the grinder teeth were very sharp and come in a triangular formation to help better shred up your bud. After using it several times, I soon discovered that the teeth easily cut through even the stickiest buds (which have given me trouble on some grinders). The pollen collection screen was also of a good size, and after grinding several batches of quality herb I was left with a good amount of kief.

It also didn’t clog up at all (which is an issue I sometimes have with some of the lower quality grinders out there). The Space Case also had a magnetic seal, which helps to keep the top piece of the grinder secure when not in use.


In summary, the Space Case is one of the best marijuana grinders on the market today. The solid construction, combined with the kief catcher create a great experience and allow me to finely grind my herb for use with any vaporizer. Although the price is high, the Space Case will last a long time and you won’t run into problems with it years down the road. The Space Case is available in both Silver and Titanium Black depending on your preference.

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