Vapor Blog UK Affiliate Disclosure

At Vapor Blog UK we appreciate every person who visits our website. Vapor Blog was founded by a group of vape enthusiasts who felt the need to publicise their opinions on the internet in relation to all things vape related.

With every piece of content we publish we hope to provide every visitor with new information that they can use to make their vaping experience that little bit easier.

In order to keep Vapor Blog UK ad-free uses affiliate links. These affiliate links allow Vapor Blog UK to make small referral commissions when a visitor purchases a vape through one of our links. The affiliate links we use will only ever be with authorized dealers who we have collectively had good experiences with and have bought products from over the years. If you see an affiliate link on our site, it will be to a vape site we trust.

Since 2012, the majority of vaporizers reviewed on Vapor Blog UK have been purchased by one of the team. If we review a product that has not been purchased by a member of Vapor Blog, we will clearly mention that the product has been sent to us from a vape retailer or manufacturer. Why you might ask? To ensure that all content and reviews on Vapor Blog UK have not been influenced by other factors e.g. Sponsored Reviews. At Vapor Blog we want to provide 100% honest reviews, with uninfluenced feedback so our visitors can have all the information they require to make their decision.

At Vapor Blog UK, we strive to be as neutral as possible, regardless of financial benefits. Providing our visitors with helpful information is our main priority.

If you would like to know more about our affiliate links, please contact us via our Contact Page.

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